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A New York man who claims he is apparitional by the apparition of a demon adolescent has aggregate pictures that arise to appearance the article bit-by-bit about his bed.

Marble Top Round Coffee Table
Marble Top Round Coffee Table | Marble Top Round Coffee Table

Adam Ellis has captivated bags of Twitter users with the annual of Dear David, the spirit he says has taken control of his apartment, aback August. The artist now has 711,000 followers on the belvedere and keeps alluring a added admirers anniversary time he updates his apparition story.

While abounding originally gave Adam the annual of the doubt, his latest chapter has accurate too abundant for some, who accept taken Adam to task, insisting that his Dear David adventure is acutely fabricated up.

He’s back! Adam Ellis, a New York artist who claims his accommodation is apparitional by the apparition of a aroused child, alternate to Twitter bygone to allotment several awful pictures

Spooky: The artist claims the photos appearance Dear David, the apparition that has allegedly been disturbing him, bit-by-bit about his allowance while he sleeps

What are you accomplishing here? One of the images appears to characterize Dear David continuing on Adam’s bed while he rests beneath the covers

Skeptical: Abounding Twitter users accept accustomed Adam the annual of the agnosticism in the past, but are now alpha to agnosticism his anxiously crafted apparition story

After two weeks of silence, Adam alternate to Twitter bygone to apologize for his ‘long absence’ and allotment the latest affairs with his followers.

He said he has been disturbing to sleep, accepting awe-inspiring dreams, and arresting with abrupt spells of dizziness.

‘I chocked [sic] it up to consistently accepting earbuds awash in, and fabricated a brainy agenda to get my aerial checked,’ he wrote.

The blow of his activity was about quiet aback the latest air-conditioned event, which saw Adam award an old shoe afterwards investigating abstruse noises advancing from his roof.

But aftermost week, Adam woke up and started activity ‘something strange’, as if addition had been watching him.  

‘There was this a actual activity of… badness?’ he added. ‘Everything acquainted wrong, array of like aback you accept the flu and you deathwatch up at night and can’t absolutely acquaint area you are for a minute.

Audience: Adam (pictured) has 711,000 followers on his Twitter account, which he now devotes abandoned to Dear David

‘It was a activity I’m acclimated to—it consistently accompanies David. Bodies cheep at me a lot adage he ability aloof charge help, but I’m assertive that’s not the case. Every time he shows up, I feel a apparent faculty of malice.’

The abutting day, Adam already afresh woke up aback and this time downloaded an app on his phone, which he acclimated to booty a photo every minute. He let the app run for several hours and woke up to acquisition about 350 pictures taken from a seven-foot appliance in his room.

Most of the photos, according to Adam, artlessly appearance him sleeping, save for several air-conditioned images.

The pictures assume to appearance a artless contour in Adam’s room, continuing on a armchair and staring in the administration of his bed.

Marble Top Round Coffee Table
Marble Top Round Coffee Table | Marble Top Round Coffee Table

Dear David, according to Adam, stared at him, afresh at the ceiling, afore annoyed on the armchair and actual ‘lifeless’ for a little while afore reappearing abutting to his bed.

‘That’s aback my affection started to race. I didn’t appetite to attending at the blow of the photos, but I knew I had to. I swiped to the abutting photo and my affection sank into my stomach,’ Adam wrote afore administration addition image, which shows the artless contour on his mattress.

‘He was on the bed. Inches from me, staring bottomward at me sleeping.’ 

Adam afresh acquaint addition photo, which he said shows Dear David, still on his bed, but staring anon into the camera.

‘After that, there’s acutely nothing. He disappears afresh and the blow of the annal is aloof me abandoned in my allowance again. That is, until the aftermost photo,’ the artist added.

He concluded his latest amend with a blast by announcement a photo that seems to appearance allotment of Dear David’s head, including his beard and his larboard ear, acutely abutting to Adam’s phone. Adam claimed the annual was the aftermost one on the scroll. 

‘I’m at a blow for words. That aberrant ear, that fibrous hair. I didn’t alike apperceive what to think,’ he wrote. ‘I looked all over my allowance but couldn’t acquisition anything. And candidly I’ve been so beat I didn’t apperceive how to action it.’

Adam didn’t assume to apperceive how to acknowledge to the awful photos, and concluded with: ‘Even now, all I wanna do is aloof go to sleep.’

While frightening, the alternation of photos seems to be backfiring and has prompted several bodies to cheep that this was too abundant for them and that they are now acutely assertive the adventure is false.

It seems as acceptance Adam had consistently managed to toe the band amid the believable and the outlandish, but didn’t absolutely accomplish this time around. 

‘So I had absolutely believed in Dear David up until now… [I don’t know] the pictures aloof attending too affected for me,’ one actuality wrote. ‘I’m aloof cerebration it’s a babyish Adam managed to get and appearance to accomplish David’s face.’

‘The newest Dear David cilia absolutely makes me anticipate it’s fake,’ addition abroad tweeted. ‘I’m not about to be afraid of some affected a** babyish [to be honest].’ 

Last month, Adam abundant how he begin an old shoe and a marble afterwards investigating aberrant noises in his building. 

‘The added week, I was tweeting the best contempo amend from the active allowance couch. About 30 aberrant afterwards I’d beatific the aftermost tweet, I heard a adduce anon aloft my head, as if addition aloft me had abandoned article on the floor—which is impossible, aback I’m in the top apartment,’ he wrote.

‘There’s additionally no way to admission the roof. There aren’t any ladders on the alfresco of the building. The abandoned way you’d get on the roof is through a skylight in the hallway. There are no copse in the actual vicinity, either.

‘It absolutely wasn’t pipes, either. It was audibly the complete of article falling to the floor. My architecture is old and makes lots of noises, but this was a new complete and it abashed me.’ 

Adam afresh explained that there is a ‘mysterious’ bear acutely aerial up on the beam of his hallway, which he never paid abundant absorption to until the noises started occurring.

Determined to get to the basal of the situation, Adam bought a connected pole for $38.99 on Amazon and waited for it to be delivered.

The artist additionally acclaimed that it seems like there are three all-overs of abandoned amplitude amid the bear and the roof, and the bear is on the aforementioned akin as all the ceilings in his apartment, which could advance that there are three all-overs of abandoned amplitude aloft his home.

Discovery: Aftermost month, Adam begin a exhausted shoe afterwards investigating aberrant noises advancing from his roof

Marble Top Round Coffee Table
Marble Top Round Coffee Table | Marble Top Round Coffee Table

A bit creepy: He explained that there is a ‘mysterious’ bear acutely aerial up on the beam of his hallway, which he never paid abundant absorption to until the noises started occurring

Detective: Determined to get to the basal of the situation, Adam bought a connected pole for $38.99 on Amazon in adjustment to blow the bear open

There’s more! Afterwards award the shoe, Adam alleged his landlord, who retrieved a marble from the aforementioned crawlspace

Adam didn’t cheep for a few days, but alternate afterwards Thanksgiving to advertise his pole had been delivered and the noises were still happening.

‘I’d about collapsed comatose aback I woke up to an INCREDIBLY loud blast aloft me,’ he wrote, annual a contempo occurrence.

‘It articulate like addition had abandoned a bowling ball. I anchored cocked in bed and anon acquainted strange. There was a awe-inspiring activity all about me. I can’t explain it. 

‘After about a minute I heard addition crash. I briefly anticipation about avaricious my shoes and booking it, but that would beggarly casual beneath the hatch, and that seemed like a bad idea. So instead I aloof listened and waited, acceptance I’m not abiding for what.

‘The blast happened again, and afresh again—probably 15 times in a row, followed by a connected silence. Afresh I heard a smaller, age-old complete from the hallway. In my apperception I registered it as a footstep, but it absolutely could’ve been anything.

‘I backward still, but there were no added sounds afterwards that. I lay aback down, still abutting and nervous, but I must’ve collapsed comatose at some point because I woke up the abutting morning and aggregate seemed accustomed again. I got dressed and larboard to go get a bagel, aforementioned as every Saturday.’

But on his way out, Adam noticed bits on the stairs, beneath the abstruse hatch. Aback he looked up, he saw that article appeared to accept gotten bent in the opening.

He afresh set up his video camera and went to aback his pole to blow the bear open.

‘I set my camera on the covering apparel at the top of the stairs and hit record, aloof to accomplish abiding it would be bent on video if a demon access out of the hatch,’ he wrote.

When Adam poked the hatch, it opened, and he was abashed to see article abatement on the ground.

‘I jumped out of the way and about fell bottomward the stairs aggravating to contrivance whatever it was that fell. At aboriginal I anticipation it was a asleep squirrel, which would candidly explain a lot. It hit the accomplish and bounced bottomward to the aboriginal floor,’ he recounted.

However, aloft afterpiece inspection, the article angry out to be a babyish covering shoe that looks decidedly worn-out.

After the discovery, Adam texted his landlord, who came aback with a ladder and a flashlight to booty a afterpiece attending central the crawlspace.

‘I stared up at him, bisected assured article to grab him and draw him into the darkness. He angled his flashlight all about and assuredly saying, “There’s annihilation up here,” ‘ Adam recounted. 

‘But afresh he was like, “Oh, wait.” I watched as he accomplished up into the blank with his chargeless arm, and aback he pulled it aback he had article babyish and annular in his hand. He climbed bottomward the ladder and handed it to me.’

Marble Top Round Coffee Table
Marble Top Round Coffee Table | Marble Top Round Coffee Table

Spooky:  Earlier aftermost month, Adam aggregate images of what he said was Dear David staring at him and ambiguity arise him in his bedroom

The annual was a marble, which Adam said had ‘a little bang on one end’.

‘My freeholder seemed airy for the best allotment (uhhh ok dude) and he told me to alarm him if I heard annihilation else. I went central and headed to my appointment to see if I could amount annihilation out about this marble that somehow fabricated its way into my ceiling,’ he added.

Adam hasn’t been able to amount out abundant about area the shoe and the marble ability accept arise from, and charcoal thoroughly abashed as to the abrupt affairs that he says accumulate advance in and about his apartment.

Scary: Adam said he begin the photos of the apparition while scrolling through his phone

Earlier aftermost month, Adam aggregate images of what he said was Dear David staring at him and ambiguity arise him in his bedroom.

‘It’s been about four months aback the aboriginal time I dreamed of David,’ he tweeted.

‘Last night I dreamed about him again. It was about absolutely the aforementioned as the aboriginal time I saw him.’

He afresh said that while absent about Dear David, he acquainted mostly bedridden but managed to move aloof abundant to grab his buzz and alpha snapping pictures. 

‘Sure enough, he crawled bottomward off the armchair and began ambiguity against me. He confused slowly, like it was a attempt for him,’ Adam wrote.

‘I acquainted terrified, but I kept demography photos. David limped afterpiece against me, never demography his eyes off me. Anon I was face to face with him. 

‘He started blubbering something, too quiet for me to understand. I watched as his eyes formed aback in his head, until they were all white. 

‘I approved to agonize abroad from him, but I could about move. I stared in abhorrence as he began ample up assimilate my bed, still aside something. 

‘And that’s aback I woke up. Aforementioned as before. Broad daylight. No trace of David anywhere.’

Later during that day, Adam took a attending at the photos on his buzz and, according to his account, saw several atramentous images.

He aggregate the snaps with his followers, admonishing them to up the brightness, and naturally, the alarming photos all appearance a alarming amount evocative of Dear David ample arise him, aloof like it did in his dream.  

For the accomplished four months, Adam has committed abundant of his Twitter augment to the aberrant phenomenons, which include his bodies staring at the aperture at midnight every night, bare calls, and his bounded coffee boutique actualization to abstruse shut down.

In October, he came aback on Twitter afterwards a brace of weeks of blackout to allotment the latest two alarming happenings, claiming that Dear David was aback already afresh to affliction him.

The artist aboriginal explained that one of his accompany came over to his accommodation in adjustment to ‘cleanse’ the place.

While he has accustomed offers from abounding able mediums and ghost-hunting TV shows, Adam said he had beneath all of them because he wants to abstain ‘sensationalizing’ what has happened to him.

Adam afresh told his 501,000 followers that for a while, things appeared to acknowledgment to normal, afterwards several months of ascent anxiety.

Marble Top Round Coffee Table
Marble Top Round Coffee Table | Marble Top Round Coffee Table

‘The bodies weren’t acquisition at the aperture anymore. I chock-full accepting dreams,’ he wrote. ‘It was starting to assume like like it was over.’

But that all afflicted aback Adam anesthetized an abandoned barn on his way to work. Interestingly, the barn had ahead appeared in his Dear David stories.

According to Adam, it acclimated to be a alive aliment barrow adjustment depot, but it aback became vacant, allegedly afterwards any antecedent warning, afterwards the accepted apparition started addictive his apartment. The artist has additionally said he already had a dream in which Dear David abject him about an abandoned warehouse.

Adam said he was walking accomplished the barn aback he noticed article unusual.

‘This time, all the metal aperture were advanced open, sunlight cloudburst in. The barn was still mostly empty. Except for one thing,’ he wrote. ‘There was a hearse anchored abreast the aback wall.’

The artist aggregate a photo of the anchored hearse that he says was in the abandoned warehouse.

Although he anticipation the analysis was ‘weird’, Adam didn’t anticipate abundant of it, until addition abnormal blow unfolded.

‘It was about 11 or so, and I was watching TV on the couch. I went into the dining allowance to get a alcohol from the fridge, and noticed both the bodies sitting by the far window, staring up at it,’ he wrote. Adam’s bodies accept a history of staring at shapes that he has affiliated to Dear David sightings in the past.

‘The window looks out assimilate the roof of the business abutting door. I glanced out the window but didn’t see anything,’ he continued.

‘I ample that maybe there was a abrasion in the bank or something. I shrugged and affective a beer from the fridge. As I went into the kitchen to get the canteen opener, I noticed something.

‘There’s a window in the kitchen, which looks out assimilate the aforementioned roof. And addition was continuing on the roof, staring at me.’

At this point, Adam said he ducked bottomward immediately, afresh switched off the ablaze in the room. He afresh accomplished into his abridged to booty a photo, which he aggregate on Twitter.

The picture, while actual dark, does arise to appearance a appearance abutting to Adam’s window. The artist said he approved to booty a bigger photo, but that the contour had abolished by the time he did so.

‘I bankrupt all the blinds and fabricated abiding the aperture was bound and afresh drank like bristles added beers until I was too bashed to be scared,’ he added.

‘But now I feel like I’m aback at aboveboard one. I’m abiding it was him. He’s not activity away. I don’t apperceive what to do.’

Earlier in October, Adam absitively to biking to Japan for two weeks, assertive that if he larboard his accommodation connected enough, Dear David would leave him alone. But apparently, the angry spirit has managed to accumulate disturbing him alike from bags of afar away.

During his aftermost day in Japan, Adam took a airing about the burghal of Sapporo and concluded up in a park.

There, he took photos of a annular statue, which he anticipation looked interesting. But at one point, Adam said he about abandoned his buzz aback he spotted a spookily accustomed figure.

One aspect of the bronze looks conspicuously agnate to the representations of Dear David Adam has aggregate in the past. This version, displayed amid added characters in the statue, takes the appearance of a babyish captivated in a woman’s arms, who has the aforementioned biconcave arch as Dear David.

‘It acquainted too agnate to be a coincidence. I acquainted addled staring up at it, this kid with a biconcave head,’ Adam wrote afterwards the encounter.

‘I don’t know. Maybe I’m overreacting? Maybe this is nothing? It doesn’t feel like nothing.’

Despite the alarming occurrence, Adam fabricated it aback to New York safely, and acquaint a photo of himself accepting reunited with one of his admired cats.

Marble Top Round Coffee Table
Marble Top Round Coffee Table | Marble Top Round Coffee Table

The Dear David adventure began in August, aback Adam acquaint a actual diffuse Twitter cilia that began with the edgeless claim: ‘So, my accommodation is currently actuality apparitional by the apparition of a asleep adolescent and he’s aggravating to annihilate me.’

Phew! Despite the alarming occurrence, Adam fabricated it aback to New York safely, and on Friday aftermost anniversary acquaint a photo of himself with one of his admired cats

Adam’s adventure began with a alternation of actual active dreams featuring a adolescent with a agee arch sitting in a blooming agitation armchair at the end of his bed, while he terrifyingly adventures beddy-bye paralysis. 

‘For a while he aloof stared at me, but afresh he got out of the armchair and started shambling against the bed,’ he said. ‘Right afore he accomplished my bed, I woke up screaming. ‘

A few nights afterwards that appalling experience, he dreamed of a babe abutting him in a library cogent him that the boy he met was alleged ‘Dear David.’

‘He’s dead. He abandoned appears at midnight, and you can ask him two questions if you said “Dear David” first,’ Adam claimed she said. ‘But never try to ask him a third question, or he’ll annihilate you.’

Adam was confronted afresh with David in his dreams anon afterwards and questioned him about how he died, acquirements it was an blow in a abundance that saw addition advance a shelf assimilate his head. 

He afield asked a third catechism afore alive up petrified. He researched online attractive for boys who died in food in the burghal but begin nothing.

Adam eventually confused into a beyond accommodation admiral from his own and months went by afterwards any afterimage nor assurance of Dear David until aback his bodies began acting strangely.

‘For the accomplished four nights, my bodies accumulate at the advanced aperture at absolutely midnight & aloof beam at it, about like article is on the added side,’ he said in tweets from beforehand this month. 

‘Last night I got a awe-inspiring activity and looked out the peephole, and I’m asleep assertive I saw movement on the added side.’ 

He took photos through the peephole, which he aggregate with the cilia claiming he is ‘certain’ he saw article moving. He additionally aggregate a video of one of his bodies staring attentively at his advanced door.

A few weeks later, Adam began addition cilia answer assorted aberrant things that accept been blow to him, including a dream ‘where David was boring me by the arm through an old abandoned warehouse.’ 

He woke up with a ample abrasion on his arm, but affected that it was the abrasion that sparked the dream, rather than the added way around. 

But afresh on his way to get coffee he anesthetized a usually active barn that had aback been abandoned. In the average of the allowance was a distinct blooming chair.

He additionally appear that aside ‘faces’ accept been actualization in photos he has taken and that his cats’ nightly date with the aperture has become beforehand every night. 

Adam additionally claimed that he had been accepting buzz calls from an bare cardinal and aback he answered already he heard the babble of changeless afore a babyish articulation aside ‘hello.’ Terrified, he afraid up the phone.

Marble Top Round Coffee Table
Marble Top Round Coffee Table | Marble Top Round Coffee Table

‘I didn’t apperceive what abroad to do. I bankrupt all the curtains in my accommodation and angry on every distinct light. I watched TV until aurora because I was too afraid to go to sleep. I array of feel like I’m accident my mind,’ said.

Adam afresh alternate to amend followers on his story, absolute that he had installed a home surveillance arrangement in adjustment to accumulate an eye on his bodies aback he goes on a cruise to Japan in three weeks.

‘It’s basically a assistant cam that connects to the wifi, so you can analysis in whenever you want. It runs 24/7,’ he explained, afore abacus that the camera absolutely sends an active to his buzz whenever it detects movement in his apartment. 

‘I absitively to analysis it out this weekend. I was abroad from home one night, so I set up the camera afore I left,’ he went on to say. 

‘My buzz pinged periodically through the evening, alerting me to the bodies active about and playing. Accustomed stuff.’

But afresh things took a about-face for the creepy—once again. 

‘Around 11, it alerted me afresh that it detected motion, but aback I arrested the augment of my apartment, I didn’t see anything,’ he wrote, afore activity on to acknowledge that afterwards blockage in on the augment three times, he absolutely spotted a blooming armchair in his accommodation ricking aback and alternating on its own, administration the video of the augment on his annual so bodies could see the amazing moment for themselves. 

‘I knew it couldn’t be the wind, because I haven’t had the windows accessible at all this summer (I accept AC and like to accumulate it chilly),’ he said, afore acceptance that he begin the absolute adventure ‘unnerving’ but that he was accomplishing his best ‘not to panic’. 

Half an hour later, however, he accustomed addition alert, and this time he arrested in on the augment immediately. Abundant to his horror, the blow from the camera showed a gift turtle carapace that was army on the bank aloft his appliance aback bottomward off the wall. 

Although he says he has been too afraid to about-face the camera on again, he accepted that he confused the blooming armchair into the hallway, and that he was disturbing to accumulate his air-conditioned while in his accommodation alone. 

His final cheep of the atramentous abreast followers that he was ‘taking a xanax and activity to bed’, afore he active off for the evening.  

Unsurprisingly, Adam’s apparition adventure has accepted a arresting apprehend for abounding users, and the aboriginal cheep of the cilia has been aggregate added than 55,000 times while alluring affluence of ghost-fighting admonition from strangers including ‘finding the remains’ of the adolescent and ‘burning them’ or overextension alkali about his apartment.

In September, Adam aggregate a alarming amend with the followers of his active daydream in addition Twitter thread.

‘It’s blow again,’ he wrote, afore alpha to call the latest aberration in the alarming tale. 

‘I’ve been abrogation the assistant cam on 24/7. It annal every time there’s movement or sound, as you know,’ he added, apropos to the abecedarian surveillance arrangement he set up anon afterwards the apparitional activities began to booty place. 

These cameras had already been acclimated to abduction footage of several altar – including a armchair – actualization to move on their own central his home aback he was not there. 

The clips were taken in Adam’s active room, while he was sleeping in his bedchamber nearby.

Initially, he drew his followers’ absorption to the behavior of his two bodies in the clip, decidedly his atramentous and white feline, Maxwell, acquainted that afterwards ‘a few moments’, the beastly aback ‘freaks out and all-overs over article invisible’. 

But while the video absolutely captures his cat’s rather appropriate movement, Adam’s followers were far added abashed by a seemingly-innocent blooming chic sitting on his coffee table, which appears to move several inches over, acutely by itself, aloof afterwards the cat starts leaping around. 

‘I shrieked out loud aback I saw it. This is TOO MUCH,’ one abashed Twitter addict admitted, while addition added: ‘I’ll be at Church account the bible covered in crystals [and] saging myself if you charge me.’  

But Adam wasn’t done there. He went on to acknowledge that the camera had recorded ‘a brace added aberrant videos’ that aforementioned night, acquainted that they accurately best up Maxwell sitting up aback on his afterwards legs, as if he had bent afterimage of something. 

‘He’d sit up on his afterwards legs and associate about the room, as if attractive for article (or attractive at something?),’ Adam wrote on Twitter, afore administration addition video of his cat bizarrely sitting up on the sofa, afore batting at article airy in the air with his paw. 

Marble Top Round Coffee Table
Marble Top Round Coffee Table | Marble Top Round Coffee Table

Although Adam accepted that it could possibly be a fly that Maxwell was aggravating to booty down, he claimed he ‘honestly never gets flies’ in his home, abacus that it accordingly ‘seems unlikely’ – about he didn’t cartel to advance Dear David by name, acquainted abandoned that he ‘can’t agitate the activity article has fabricated its way into the apartment’.

He active off the chapter of his askance apparition adventure by acceptance that he aloof couldn’t explain what was activity on in his home, but appropriate that he acquainted no added assured about actuality there than he did at the end of his aftermost viral thread.

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